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cleaning with eucalyptus oil

These simple yet 100% natural cleaning tips and tricks have been used millions of time and yes they DO WORK!  You'll never need  to use those harsh, toxic chemicals to clean and remove stubborn stains with again if you have the following staples in your house.  Eucalyptus Oil and Clove Oil  (please use cruelty free certified brands only), along with Bi-Carb, and vinegar, will de-grease, de-stick, de-stain and de-mould your entire house and  wardrobe.


Below is some of our favourite all natural cleaning tips and tricks to make your home & clothes, bright, clean and fresh. You will also need some buckets, rags, microfiber clothes, rubber gloves and scrubbing brushes. Both Eucalyptus and Clove Oil are toxic if ingested, so please keep out of reach of children and pets as these are more potent natural cleaners compared to our other favourites, Vinegar, Lemon, Bi-Carb and Salt, which are much safer around children and pets.

Cleaning with Eucalyptus Oil

When it comes to Eucalyptus Oil not all oils are created equal, you will want to ensure you use a pure grade Australian Eucalyptus Oil, we recommend The Australian Eucalyptus Company's Eucalyptus Oil as it is also certified cruelty free by Choose Cruelty Free and is as pure and potent as you can possibly get.

*Always patch test surface or material before cleaning with Eucalyptus Oil.

  • Eucalyptus Oil is great to use straight out of the bottle with a soft cloth to dissolve and remove just about anything sticky, greasy or for those dreaded ink stains e.g sticky tape and sticker residue, texta, pen and paints, chewing gum, candle wax,  hair removing wax, grease and oil stains off, glass, carpet, clothes, floors and walls.
  • A little Eucalyptus oil will effectively and gently even remove black tar & grease stains from your car duco if rubbed gently on with a soft non-abrasive cloth. To remove grease stains from the garage floor, a stiff brush, some old rags and Eucalyptus oil will get the job done.
  • To get greasy, grimy clothes clean, soak them in a bucket of hot water, a capful of eucalyptus and laundry powder. For stubborn stains apply some Eucalyptus Oil with a bit of washing powder straight onto the stain and scrub, then soak. It is the only thing that has worked to finally get rid of those all natural, super oily and thick, pure zinc oxide suntan lotion stains off our clothes; e.g the white collars and cuffs of school uniforms.( These suntan lotions do stain clothes and are thick and goopy, but are by far the safest suntan lotions to use - see why here.)
  • Eucalyptus oil can be used neat on a cloth to remove soap scum from bathroom tiles and sinks and to leave them looking and smelling fresh and clean. Also great to remove oil and grease off range-hoods and old labels off food jars.
  • Eucalyptus Oil is great for deterring many insects from entering your house. Sprinkle a few drops at entrance points and in the corners of your home to repel, spiders, cockroaches, moths, silverfish etc.
  • Deodorize and Disinfect your home while making it smell like a Eucalyptus Forest, by simply sprinkling a drop or two wherever you may need some extra freshness; e.g. on the underside of your kitchen bin, in the toilet bowl, nappy bin, down the drains etc
  • To wash hard wood and tile floors, use two capfuls of Eucalyptus oil in very hot water.


Although 100% natural, if used incorrectly it can be dangerous; ,do NOT digest. Eucalyptus Oil is often mixed with Methylated Spirits, which makes it work even more effectively, but Methylated Spirits is extremely toxic if swallowed due to the Methanol content added to discourage people drinking the product as an alcohol substitute. At livingsafe.com.au we prefer to steer clear of Methylated Spirits where possible and use plain Eucalyptus Oil, or when more cleaning power is needed, we prefer to add a little certified cruelty free Laundry or Dish-washing Liquid to work together with the Eucalyptus Oil.


Sparkling Clean Mould Free Shower Naturally

cleaning a shower with eucalyptus and clove oil

Killing Mold with Clove Oil

*Always patch test surface or material before cleaning with Clove Oil.

I need to thank one of our readers for putting me onto the incredible mold killing power of Clove Essential Oil.  You want to be sure you buy a reputable, cruelty free certified, pure essential Clove Oil. A little goes a very long way as it is very powerful. Dilute the Clove Oil in a spray bottle with water -1/4 tsp of Clove Oil to 1 liter of water. Spray on anywhere you have mold issues; e.g mold in shower, grouting, sink, walls, outdoor shade sails and furniture, umbrellas and even clothes, canvas shoes etc.  Wearing gloves is recommended when cleaning with clove oil.

Killing Shower Mold Naturally
Step 1. Scrub down the shower with a mix of 4 liters hot water, 1 tablespoon of bicarb and 1/2 a cup of white vinegar then rinse with hot water. Now spray your Clove Oil/Water mix , leave for a little while, then scrub and rinse with hot water again. Now wipe dry the shower and spray a light spray of your Clove Oil/Water mix over entire shower and leave it on to do its work killing off any remaining mold spores.   Get into the habit of spraying your shower with this mix  regularly.


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